CCW Christmas Baking Sessions and Sale

THANK YOU to all who helped in any way with the Christmas Baking Sessions which were held last 2 weeks.
May God bless you for all the work you do for the parish.
CCW Fall Frozen Pirohy Sale
To all those who helped, during the Frozen Pirohy Sale, for your long hours of work and dedication, and to all those who have purchased food in support of our parish.
We appreciate your supprot.

Please Order Your Upcoming New Year Personal Misselette for 2023

You can purchase a PERSONAL COPY of the missalette for your use only, or you can purchase a copy of the missalette IN MEMORY of a loved one to be used in the Church.

Complete the form below and return it with $10.00 to the Parish Office by Mail, in the Collection Boxes or in the mailslot in the office door. Missalettes for Personal use will be labeled with your name and placed in the Church for pick-up.

Missalettes for the church will have a label inside the cover listing the name of the person(s) IN MEMORY OF.

Download Missalette Form

Diocesan Annual Appeal 2022
Download the Appeal

Watch 2022 Diocesan Appeal Video


We extend our most sincere THANKS to the members of our Parish community who have responded to Bishop Bambera's call to help the poor, the needy, our Diocesan clergy, and the young people of our Diocese by their generous donation to the ANNUAL DIOCESAN APPEAL. May God bless you for your kind generosity.


FOR YOUR INFORMATION: A total of 271 families/individuals out of a possible 988 at Saints Cyril and Methodius Parish have contributed the amount of $32,951.00 thus far toward the Parish goal of $43,000.00. Once again, we ask for the help of those who have not made a contribution to the Diocesan Annual Appeal to PLEASE consider doing so as soon as possible. Your support and cooperation would be greatly appreciated.

PLEASE NOTE: Notification of contributions to the Diocesan Annual Appeal are received by way of the weekly Sunday offering at Mass and direct notification from the Appeal Office in Scranton. If your name is not listed, please be patient or contact the Parish Office to see if notification of your contribution has been received. Thank you for your kind understanding


Church Paving Project

Please read Appeal from the Pastor

To Date: $11,580
Total Donors: 98
Total needed for paving: $11,150


Ethnic Food Sale

A SINCERE THANK YOU to all those who helped during the preparing and cooking sessions, and for your long hours of work and dedication through the distributing of food.
To all those who have purchased the ethnic foods in support of our parish and waited in long lines in support of your Parish — May God Bless You.


An Appeal from the Pastor
For Church Freezer Fund
Received: $10,620
Total needed for freezer: $10,500
We would like to thank all who supported this special collection. May God bless you and your families a hundredfold.